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To suit your exact needs and requirements

Kitchens present unique problems for those with mobility issues. Our experts make sure you can make full use of your kitchen with specialist equipment, clever design and building alterations if needed.

Each kitchen is designed to suit individual needs while taking into account the needs of other family members. There are so many mobility items available now and these include:

  • Drop-down shelving units
  • Electronic rise-and-fall sink and hob unit
  • Pull-out ironing board
  • Pull-out table
  • Pull out larder cupboard
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Remote taps

We take into account the size of your room, its layout, your budget and your required functionality.

Based in Devon, our showroom has a functioning kitchen display as well as a large range of specialist kitchen equipment available to purchase only. To see our opening hours and a map please click here. If you would like to arrange a FREE home visit with one of our experts, please contact us.